StatX is led by an experienced team of Silicon Valley technologists and innovators and funded by top-tier Venture Capitalists.

Executive Team

Prasad Raje

CEO & Founder

Prasad oversees overall business and product strategy and drives day-to-day company operations. Prasad was previously CEO of Instantis (acquired by ORCL) and has deep expertise in SaaS and business collaboration software.

Pablo Bellver

CTO & Founder

Pablo oversees technical operations and drives day-to-day product development. Pablo was previously at Google and was the Co-Creator of Google Now. He led the features team and was responsible for all the public features in Google Now until 2015.

Dipendra Nigam

Chief Evangelist

Dipendra helps with all the efforts to build a critical mass of support for StatX. Dipendra has previously created and managed a top 25 iPhone app and worked with the team that built the fastest growing top 10 iPad productivity app.

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