Setting up your QuickBooks Online dashboards on StatX is as easy as 1-2-3

Instantly see beautiful, auto-refreshed dashboards showing cash flow, P&L, Sales, A/R, A/P!

1. Install

Simply install the free StatX app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Search for StatX on Apple App Store or Google Play Store OR visit OR click on store icon below from your mobile.


OR enter mobile number to get easy download link sent to your mobile.

SMS / Phone Number

2. Connect

After installing StatX, easily connect from within StatX to QuickBooks Online. Select QuickBooks Online from “Apps” tab in StatX, enter your QBO sign-in and your app data is ready for viewing and sharing on StatX.

Follow step-by-step quickstart instructions to connect now.
QBO Quickstart

3. Configure

Get specific financials that are important to you by choosing and configuring the available connectors. Simply invite your client or team to StatX and they instantly see the QBO dashboard without any further effort. Easily see historical trend lines of income, expenses etc.

List of all QuickBooks Connectors is here.

Need help with installation, connection or configuration? Send email to

Get started now to get your QBO dashboard up and running in minutes
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