Quickstart Guide to connect Xero with StatX

Instantly see beautiful, auto-refreshed dashboards showing cash flow, P&L, Sales, A/R, A/P. Share with clients and changes are sent instantly as push notifications.
Follow steps below on your phone to connect Xero to StatX in minutes. Click for expanded view.

Quick Start steps:

  1. Download and install StatX app; tap”Apps” and select Xero
  2. Tap “Connect to Xero” button
  3. Enter your Xero account sign-in
  4. Allow Access
  5. Add connector (e.g. “Executive Dashboard”)
  6. Configure connector (Connector Name, Client, Group Name, Revenue Items, Cash Items, AR/AP, Sales Breakdown by Country/Product, Report Period)
  7. Select Items
  8. Save & select “Go to Groups” and a new group with your chosen name will populate with your data from Xero. This group will show a filled green cloud icon to indicate that it is connected and auto-updated.
  9. Start getting automated updates from Xero on mobile!
  10. Share with team and client by inviting them to group

Everyone in the group will now get automated Xero updates and push notifications on change.

Download StatX free app and follow Quickstart steps above
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