What is StatX? How does it work with Xero?

StatX is a state-of-the-art mobile dashboard with push notifications that seamlessly connects to your Xero account so you always have your current cash, A/R, A/P etc. from your Xero account in your hand.

What do I get by connecting my Xero account with StatX mobile app?

You get the most relevant data from Xero in a customizable mobile dashboard on StatX app so you always have the current cash, A/R, A/P etc. in your hand.

You can customize the dashboard and notifications, see changes and historical trends, and share with a group.

How do I connect my Xero account from StatX app?

Steps to launch StatX app and connect to Xero:

  1. Download and install StatX app; tap”Apps” and select Xero
  2. Tap “Connect to Xero” button
  3. Enter your Xero account sign-in
  4. Allow Access
  5. Add connector (e.g. “Executive Dashboard”)
  6. Configure connector (Connector Name, Client, Group Name, Revenue Items, Cash Items, AR/AP, Sales Breakdown by Country/Product, Report Period)
  7. Select Items
  8. Save & select “Go to Groups” and a new group with your chosen name will populate with your data from Xero. This group will show a filled green cloud icon to indicate that it is connected and auto-updated.
  9. Start getting automated updates from Xero on mobile!
  10. Share with team and client by inviting them to group

Everyone in the group will now get automated Xero updates and push notifications on change.

If you need more help, look at screenshots for steps above here.

How do I disconnect my Xero account from StatX app?

Steps to disconnect Xero from StatX:

  1. Open StatX app and click on “Apps” tab.
  2. Locate and click on Xero.
  3. Click on “Revoke Access”.

StatX app will no longer have access to any of your Xero data. To reconnect, click on “Re-authorize”.

Note: You can also temporarily disable Connector by tapping “ENABLED” and turning the Connector off. To enable turn Connector to on again.

Can I create separate dashboards for all my Xero clients?

Yes you can. While configuring select “Add Connector” and select “Client” to create a dashboard for any client. Select “Add Connector” and a different “Client” for the next dashboard.

Can I customize my Xero dashboard to have just the fields I want?

You can customize your dashboard during configuration of your connector by selecting:

  • Client
  • Group Name (Name of dashboard)
  • Revenue Items (Total Revenue, Total Cost of Sales, Gross Profit etc.)
  • Cash Items (Cash at end of period, Cash at beginning of period, Net cash increase for period)
  • A/R, A/P
  • Sales Breakdown (Country, Product Lines)
  • Cash Basis (Yes, No)
  • Filter by Tracking Category
  • Report Period (Today, Last Week, Last Month, Last Fiscal Year etc.)
  • Rounding Unit (As is, Thousands, Millions etc.)
Can I filter by tracking criteria?

Yes you can. Just “Add Connector” and select “Filter by Tracking Category 1” and “Filter by Tracking Category 2” during configuration.